Cheer Logic Media: The Who, Why, and What
Its finally happened. After months of dreaming, planning, procrastinating, designing, and self-convincing, it finally exists. It has moved out of the deep, dark, tumultuous storm of ideas that is my imagination into the real world. So for the first time may I present to you, you’re one-stop-shop for media and information design in the cheer and dance industry: Cheer Logic Media.

Here’s what you need to know…

Who. My name is Tony Bentley and I’m the founder and owner of Cheer Logic Media. My background is in acrobatics, cheerleading, and gymnastics. My expertise away from the computer is training and instruction, specifically in tumbling, as well as program marketing and development. I have managed pre-school programs with kids as young as one year of age and coached athletes at the university and open levels. I have been employed with a handful of programs over the years, including a university acrobatics program, several gymnastics clubs, and am currently with one of Canada’s largest all-star cheerleading gyms.

Why. During my time coaching, I have been fortunate to secure casual income doing information design; creating websites, producing videos, designing graphics, managing social media, and shooting sports photography. Maintaining a professional digital information presence online is one of the more challenging responsibilities for sport-business owners but is also one of the most crucial. Only a handful of web designers service the cheerleading industry, and experience has shown me that such services are limited in scope and substandard in their technical support. Moreover, very few designers offer production services to populate digital spaces with quality visual content. Cheer Logic Media aims to solve this problem.

What. Cheer Logic Media is a full-service information design company for the spirit industry. Offering web design, social media, video production, graphic design and photography, Cheer Logic Media exists to help gym owners, event producers and business owners build fantastic digital identities. My mission is to help you with the following:
Create a custom website catered specifically to your business and provide you with a 24/7 content management system where you can login, edit and make changes.
Share social media expertise to develop a strategy which empowers you to choose platforms, create content, utilize tools, grow audiences, increase sales and measure outcomes.
Captivate your audiences with videos, graphics, and photos showcasing the best of what you offer.

From conception to reality, the building process has been a long one. However, the fun is only just starting. Its time to give cheerleading the professional online look it deserves. Give me a call and let’s get started.